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2007-10-28 07:45:53 by Man-in-a-bush

HEY GUYS!!! I just posted my new flash called "WHACK". Check it out here >>>> i ew/407540

Any way, yeah its my first game... so what, its got an awesome score so far... i am currently making a sequel named "WHAM" which will include weapons, music (in the background), backgrounds (removal and changable) more sound effects, costumes for the dummy and a special attack.

Hope you like it!
Looking forward to making the sequel.

Work in progress

2007-10-22 06:33:18 by Man-in-a-bush

I am currently working on a new aniamtion called "The Atrax". I can't give away any clues but this, the story line is AWESOME!

New animations

2007-10-21 07:03:12 by Man-in-a-bush

I have just released my first 2 animations! Check them out RIGHT NOW!!!

The first one is "Those guys". 2 Guys talk about random things, do random things and SEE random things.

The last one is "Roman Squad Red 5". A story about a squad that didn't make back on time to base and were caught to the israelites. HOPE YOU LIKE THEM BOTH!!!


Smart guys RELEASED

2007-10-17 03:43:00 by Man-in-a-bush

Hey guys, my latest animation has now been submitted to newgrounds. "Smart guys" the animation, is about two guys who talk about random things and DO random things. WATCH IT NOW!

Man-in-a-bush INTRO!

2007-10-17 03:41:04 by Man-in-a-bush

Hey guys. My name is Matt, but i liked to be called "The Man-in-the-bush". I love making flash, I have been making them since i was 11. I only found this site a few days ago, but ive settled in. I hope you enjoy my works. If you would like to contact me, please do so on or simply comment me here on my newgrounds page!